Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adam Sandler Fills In For David Letterman

A rare show indeed, this clip is from an episode of the Late Show with David Letterman only on this day David came down with a horrible stomach flu. Don't ask me how but he managed to land Adam Sandler as a temporary host, this is what transpired...

A little while later Adam returned to Late Night to discuss his new beard... Very funny interview and it has German subtitles for all of our German friends out there!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Conan O'brien Interviews George W. Bush

In this clip we see the true man that is Mr. George W. Bush via satellite on Conan O'brien show. He does raise some good points, you can't really believe anything George says from two whole years ago! I wonder just how Conan managed to land this the president, Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger all in one interview?

Next up is just a couple classic Conan O'brien skits... Enjoy!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Best Of David Letterman's Viewer Mail

In this clip Letterman gets one of those chain letters that you are supposed to forward on to so many people or something terrible happens. I gotta say I have never seen Paul so animate! Normally he is pretty laid back...

David Letterman travels to Hicksville to answer a Colleen Boyle's letter, perhaps she has a foot fetish because she is obsessed with David's footwear!

This last clip is a short one, but none the less it is my favorite out of the three! David Letterman sure can be feisty when he wants to...

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Robin Williams On Johnny Carson!

The classic clip was from Johnny Carson's 2nd to last show so you know Robin Williams was on his best behavior! He even comes bearing gifts...

Not much has changed... we still have a Bush stuck in office and everyone is talking about the elections! I guess history does tend to repeat itself, only this time around it is the president not the vice president that is being poked fun of.

Why not one more? Here is a clip from 1984 with a very young Robin Williams explaining how to be a mime...

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jim Carrey On Johnny Carson!

From 1991 this is a classic clip were Jim Carrey does a few hilarious impression including Poltergeist and Willy Coyote! I wonder if Jim ever knew just how huge of a start he would become...

Here is more classic Jim Carrey "Turing the car into on-coming traffic is counter productive"... so true : )

Finally since this is Classic Night Light here is Jim Carrey being interviewed by David Letterman in the year 2000! Hope you enjoyed the show...

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Triumph The Comic Insult Dog Interviews American Idol Contestants!

One of my favorite characters from Late Night with Conan O'brien, Triumph the comic insult dog never cease to crack me up! Here he is in Hawaii interviewing potential American Idol contestants... Special appearance by Jesus!

Now for some classic Triumph! This one was from when Triumph was one Hollywood Square... Who knew that a grooming question would make everyone goes crazy like this!

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jay Leno On David Letterman's Show!

The clip takes us way back to the year 1983! A vintage video of Jay Leno appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman... The only thing that has changed is Leno's voice!

This appearance is a bit more recent... only from 1989! Amazing that these guys have been around that long and still got it!

This next clip I can help but post, I always love when Jay goes out to the streets to interview people on his show. This time he is in Las Vegas where there are apparently a lot of drunk, stupid, but hilarious people : )