Thursday, May 1, 2008

Craig Ferguson Thinks George W. Bush Is Drunk

If this clip is real, I missed it when it came out, but this is pretty hilarious! Watch Mr. Bush give a speech in slurred slow motion! "Probably just tired", yeah right : )

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Since we started with politics I guess we better stick to it. This clip is from Craig Ferguson as well and features some of the best moments from Donald Rumsfeld's press conferences... Who knew Rumsfeld was so talented, perhaps Bush shouldn't have let him go!

Craig Ferguson Mocks Rumsfeld - Watch more free videos

I gotta say Craig Ferguson was really on in this monologue, very funny stuff including an invisible tank and a bit about Jessica Alba...

For more from Late Night Underground check out the best of Jay Walking or Robin Williams on Johnny Carson!


JoAnn S. Bradley said...

My name is JoAnn Stevenson(my maiden name)Bradley(the name I kept after my divorce). Bradley was also my Grand Mothers maiden name. Their was no incense involved however, just allot of nonsense. I watch your show often, and enjoy it very much. I think it is the Scotch humor that I also have a lot of.
I was at Flat Head Lake the same time that gentleman from Billings lost his ring. I think it is in front of the Bradley Inn located at Yellow Bay. I could have swore I saw it under the water, while swimming.
Also, I am 53 years old, but I am a Repulican. I don't think the demographics you spoke of pertains to us.
I am sending you Scotty, as I think your voice is perfect for him. I have groomed him for your show, and sent him with instructions. Please take care of him as he has been in the family for quite some time. Sincerely Yours!
JoAnn Stevenson Bradley
Cody,Wyomming(employee of Wal-Mart)

JoAnn S. Bradley said...

Please change the spelling of Wyoming on my last comment as I know there is only on m. Thank You